Using Getting Things Done® in Google® Apps - The step-by-step guide.

In this video course you will be guided in 24 concise videos through the settings in Google Apps that we recommend to use GTD.
Also included in the video course is the Implementation Guide to GTD for Google Apps as a PDF document.

The contents of this course:

  • Welcome and registration
  • Create and rename lists
  • Move old tasks
  • Create new tasks
  • Create subtasks
  • Due dates
  • Explanation of common GTD lists
  • Linking projects and next steps
  • Short overview: weekly review
  • Tasksboard Intro
  • Note on free and premium versions
  • Basics Tasksboard
  • Task details in Tasksboard and moving tasks
  • List details in Tasksboard
  • Searching in Tasksboard
  • Tasksboard on mobile devices
  • Making emails a task
  • Getting inbox to zero
  • Process emails: variant @Action and @Waiting for & Labels
  • Calendar
  • Reference material
  • Alternative: Google Notes as GTD System
  • Apps for mobile devices

This video course builds on the fundamentals of David Allen's self-management approach "Getting Things Done" and is not a substitute for attending our seminars or self-study of the methodology.

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