Using Getting Things Done® in Outlook® for Windows® - The step-by-step guide.

In this video course you will be guided in 42 concise videos through the settings in Outlook that we recommend to use GTD in Outlook.
Also included in the video course is the Implementation Guide to GTD for Outlook as a PDF document.

The contents of this course:

  • The different sections in Outlook
  • What to do with old stuff in the tasks section?
  • Preparing the tasks view
  • Customizing views
  • Adding items to your lists
  • Details to use in the tasks window
  • Linking tasks and projects
  • Shortcut to create and move tasks
  • Explanation of the most popular GTD lists
  • Customizing our lists
  • Using the notes field in projects for project support material
  • Delegating tasks in outlook
  • Reviewing your lists and get things done
  • Customizing views in the email section
  • Dealing with eails
  • Folder structure for emails
  • Creating tasks from emails
  • Advanced method in the folders section
  • Turning off email notifications
  • Customizing views in calendar
  • What you can do in Microsoft To Do if you are using Outlook within Microsoft 365
  • Other shortcuts in Outlook

This video course builds on the fundamentals of David Allen's self-management approach "Getting Things Done" and is not a substitute for attending our seminars or self-study of the methodology.

Course plan

Using "Tasks" in Outlook
Further tips